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Name:Tony Stark || Iron Man
Birthdate:Jan 20

The Man
Tony Stark , is a name that anyone who is anyone knows. Born of the late Howard and Maria Stark, he built his first circuit at four, his first engine at six and graduated from MIT with honors at sixteen. Child Prodigy was a word he heard a lot growing up. At twenty-one he took over Stark Industries, and spent the next many years developing weapons. A kidnapping, an alter-ego and saving a world a few times changes a man. But he's still Tony Stark--billionaire genius playboy philanthropist. And proud of it.

The Myth
Iron Man , is a new version of super hero. Built of Tony's brain and powered by the arc reactor in his chest, Tony and the suit are one, and wouldn't be much without each other. Unfortunately, Iron Man doesn't play well with others--

disclaimer: I am neither the character of iron man or robert downey jr. No profit is made. Muse and Mun are 18+ and journal may contain adult concepts.
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